newquay 1 year on

It was exactly a year ago that I was in Newquay. That was a hell of a few days. I really miss those guys, you know – of course, I still see them every now aand then but not as much as I’d like. You know how much I relish te chance to go to Chester to see Charlie, or down to stoke to see Scott and becs. Problem is, the rest of the crew are so far away. Oh well, it’s just a case of getting organised and going to see them all. Joe comes home from the southern hemisphere soon, and I need to organise getting to his homecoming.

These days, most of my friends arre able-bodied. This isn’t surprising since most people at uni are AB, and that was my first real chance to make friends. I think this has effected my attitude towards the idea of a disabled community or subculture. Back at school, I firmly believed that we were a subculture – a subset of humanity. But as I mixed my friends became more diverse, of course. I still have friends who are disabled – Katie, james, Luke barbs etc – but whether one has a disability or not should be irrelevant. Usually belonging to a subculture effects one’s friendship groups. This isn’t the case with disability, and that’s another reason why I think the whole idea of a disabled subculture is dubious. While there are advantages in shating experiences and advice, thinking of disabled people as one separate group is frankly wrong.

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