great week

Its been a good week: progress on my thesis is once again picking up, my room now looks the same as it always did, only with an updated year planner, and last night went well. I’m still highly bemused that Ricardio wants me to co-direct his play, but given that I want eventually to be a director of films, this is an offer I can’t refuse. I remember all those evenings in my third year watching him craft 100 years of solitude from nothing but the original text; I remember it being a highly communal affair, where all the cast became like a family; I remember my admiration for Ricardio growing by the week.

This is why I love campus: although it has little to do with my thesis, I love to be involved in such activities; to meet new friends and find new interests. Much of the cast is drawn from the first year, so last night I got to meet new people who will probably become friends. While I love my own work, writing my thesis is a solitary affair, so I relish this opportunity. I must admit I can’t wait till rehearsals proper begin Sunday afternoon.

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