Of stables and cemiteries

Its been a long day and I’m very tired. I decided to go out this morning in search of the stables where Michelle rides. It’s not far from campus, and I found it easily enough. we got back in contact via facebook, and it turns out she rides near alsager.

She is doing well, considering. She seems cheerful enough, but I sensed a few pangs of melancholy in her. It was she, however, who brought the subject of rich up to begin with; its clear she misses him very much, and I think she is still mourning him. We chatted for well over an hour, about old times, friends, and life in general, during which time she told me rich was buried in Nantwich cemetery.

After we had parted, I popped back to campus to check my mail then headed back out. My initial plan was to get the Crewe bus, then see which bus went to Nantwich. However, I looked at the timetable which said there was a direct service, which I assumed would be faster. I was wrong – it did go directly to Nantwich, but via about 10 other places first. A 30 minute journey tool over an hour.

Anyway, I got to Nantwich okay, if slightly off schedule. I don’t know the town at all, so I asked about for the cemetery. It took quite some time to find, as it turns out there are two of them – one old, one new. I assumed I needed the newer one, and eventually got someone to tell me where it was.

I found it. It was full of shiny new grave stones. Oh, man, I hate cemeteries. At length, tucked away in a remote corner, I found Richard’s grave. I’d asked a passer by to help, and he kindly obliged. I said: ”I went to school with him. I’d known him since we were 5”

The guy asked if I was ok, and I said I was. I was upset. There is a small firari logo on the grave – rich was really into his cars; for some reason that hit me the most.

I don’t know why I went, I just had to. I’m glad I found it but suddenly it seems colder outside.

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