There were dancers too.

Today has started exceptionally well. At breakfast time I have home help, for a variety of reasons, and today a new lady came to help gget me up: unlike the other women, who are, let’s say, more mature, this one – Alison – is 25, familiar with internet culture and into greenday. She has a good sense of irony and sarcasm, and I think we got on. I suspect breakfast time is going to be slightly more fun with her.

Moreover, I was just passing through the student union, procrastinating, and the lady in the office flagged me down. She wanted to check my bank details – it turns out that the S.U had neglected to pay me for some work I did for them a year or so ago. I am now 130 quid better off than I was before breakfast. Get in!

Last night’s meeting of the cast of rage went better than I expected. Jo, the production manager, had prepared contracts so now we’re all obliged to show up or phone in with a good excuse. It’s all very official, but I think it’s necessary in order to get the job done. I think the cast agrees, and after a few slight quibbles over bus times etc, they all signed up. I am now officially part of ‘the very important theatre company’ in the role of co-director. How cool is that? Mind you, we now need to convince Ricardio we are committed.

Plus, I went to a live music night in brandies last night, which was fairly cool. There were dancers too.

So all in all I’m in a good mood. Wonder what to spend the 130 quid on.

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