confidence boost

I was feeling abit down this morning; work hasn’t been going to schedule. I waas at my pc from about 20 past 9 till about lunchtime, trying to work and not getting very far. I must admit I’ve been feeling low about it recently.

At about 12 I went out onto campus. Time for a cheeseburger and a change of scenery. I also like just rolling about to see whats going on, if anything. I have also found this also bit of ground which is perfect for doughnutting, just outside the sports labs. Anyway, after lunch I bumped into Tony.

I’ve probably known Tony shaw since our first year. I think I’ve mentioned before he now works here with the drama technicians, but I remember him from film lectures and seminars. He was/is in our friendship group, and I remember him joining us over in the cool side of the wes on many occasions.(in my second and third year, whenever I needed company, I could always go over to what I call ‘the cool side of the wes’. I could always find Emma or Charlie or Vanessa or someone in there). Now, Tony is the only one of those guys still about, and I must say I’m very glad of his presence.

We got to chatting. ”If you’re gonna ask if I’ve seen Quantum of solace,” he said, ”the answer is no.” I wasn’t. instead I told him I was feeling down and I couldn’t do it. Tony then told me to stop being so stupid. ”You’ve probably just hit a wall. Go speak to Alan..” well, as it stands I’ve got a meeting with Alan tomorrow.

Its funny how a meeting like that can cheer you up. Tony is one of those people in the picture in the conservatory at home. Taken on graduation day, this picture reminds me of what I can achieve. Thus, in a funny way, even Tony’s presence here makes me feel more confident.

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