the wisdom of naps

It is the calm before the storm. Me, Lyn, Charlie and denny have spent a nice, quiet-ish day in my flat. We ate lunch in the plough, and now everyone’s taking a nap before everyone gets here at seven. Last night, there were about eight of us in my room, having pre-brandies drinks; I’m expecting fifteen to twenty here later, given that we didn’t get back till half one last night, and Charlie didn’t get in till half seven, a nap seems very wise.

the boys are back in town

Today is old boys, and I feel like it’s Christmas. All my old friends are going to be here tonight, except for Emma, and it is going to rule. Well, truth be told I’m not sure exactly who is going to show up: Lyn and Charlie I know are coming, but apart from that it’s a ccase of wait and sea. Either way, it should kick arse.

This Seeps appropriate.

happy 23rd luke

I almost forgot with the excitement of my new chair and the hassle of the internet: today is my brother Luke’s twenty-third birthday. Luke is a top bloke, an excellent website administrator, and all round good egg. Happy birthday Luke!

Darth Vader’s helmet and other subjects

The internet is very good, especially for cripples, at helping you keep in touch. That is, until it goes down. Then you’re screwed. Like a junkie trying o get his next coke fix, you search desparately for ways to get online, paranoid that somebody is trying to contact you, or that plans have changed and nobody could tell you. Of course, when you finally do get online, you see that nobody has sent you much, and that no plans have changed.

Anyway, back to blogging. First, my new chair arrived. It is a black f55 with tilt and lift, and looks as cool as hell. I mean, sub-zero! Its sleek and shiny, like Darth Vader’s helmet. Also, I don’t know how, but she looks like a predator. When I first saw it, I thought of something keen and sharp. I named her The Bat’leth. When I meet him tomorrow, I can, at last, look down on Alan.

Much more seriously, I would like to express my deepest condolences to David Cameron and his family. I know I often ridicule him, but all politics aside, no parents should have to go what they are going through.

they’re getting sarky now

The guys in the mechanics department have began to take the piss. My wheelchair is getting old and certain bits keep falling off. Just little things, like the screws in the footplate. However, one of the benefits of living on a uni campus is that there are workshops with things like screws and screwdrivers. So, whenever a screw falls out, back I go to the workshop. Mind you, I must be going too often, as the guys have began to say things like ‘oh, not again’ and, rather more sarcastically, ‘see you next week’.

In other news, today I produced 3900 words for my thesis, mostly from old stuff. And did you notice that, funnily enough, Short Circuit was on Channel 5 last night.

aalmost excited

I am in an abnormally good mood, but don’t quite know why. Dad dropped me off at university earlier, and I’ve just come back from roadwork rehearsals. I feel optimistic – almost excited – about work this week. I know what I’m going to write, and it’s very interesting ground I’m covering. I have a lovely girlfriend to chat to online, and most of my friends are coming on Friday. God, that’s going to be so much fun.

I’m not sure what I’ll get up to this evening. I’ll probably stay in and talk to Lyn, or I could play follow-my-nose in my wheelchair. Life is good/

short circuit, again?

I was surfing the net yesterday with Esther looking for our favourite childhood films. I think we were both in a retrospective mood. We first looked up back to the future, and found this bit of silliness. I then remembered one of Luke’s favourites: short circuit. I googled it.

What I found was truly stupid. They’re re-making the damn thing. I wouldn’t mind a sequel at all – I’d love to see the return of Johnny five. But to remake it seems pointless. The producers claim it’s so they can update it with today’s technology. I assume that means that they will make a third version in twenty years, then a fourth in 2048, as technology progresses even further.

Why can’t Hollywood just leave things me? Why can’t they think of films as works of art, and not tools for making money. Why not re-paint the mona Lisa using photoshop, or re-write Shakespeare using modern language? Idiots!

helf term fun

As you probably know most schools are on half term this week. When I went to see her with Lyn, Charlie said I should visit her during the break, so that’s where I’ve been since yesterday. Charlotte now lives on the other side of Chester to her parents, in a nice houce with a lovely social worker called Kathy. Charlotte came to meet me at the bus station at 5 yesterday, although I had got there rather earlier and had already been zooming about Chester City centre for a few hours. It’s a nice city and worth exploring. I found a shop which sold swords – replicas of course.

I was just expecting a quiet evening at Charlie’s family house, but Charlotte had other plans. We got a taxi into the city centre to save my wheelchair battery. There we had a curry. I’ve been craving one for a couple of weeks and it was delicious. We shared a bottle of Australian red. We then went to the Frog and Nightingale, there I met Holly for the first time since Charlotte’s birthday. It was great to see her and she’s doing really well. They have great music at the Frog and it really is lively place. Most of Charlotte’s friends were there and it was good to see them too.

This morning we were up rather late, got dressed and headed back into town to get breakfast. I was a bit worried because I couldn’t bring my wheelchair charger and the battery was getting a bit low. We found a French restaurant and had omelettes sitting by the window, watching people and talking about old times. I found it funny than every now and again Charlotte says things like ‘those kids are in year 10’; it seems we’re getting rather old. Then after the omelette and the best coffee I’ve had in awhile, it was time to get the bus home.

So that’s it, my account of where I’ve been for the last 24 hours. It was rather cool. I’ll see Charlotte a week tomorrow, for Old Boys. Lyn’s going to come up too. I really can’t wait.

progress report

Not that I want to jinx myself, but my thesis seems to be taking shape at long last. It has 5 sections:

1.An introduction and historical perspective of cinephilia – currently about 7000 words outline of fandom – 5000 words

3.a comparison of cinephilia and fandom – 5000 words

4.the application of the above principles to my own engagement with the star trek films – 7000 words 5.conclusion – 3000 words

parts one two and four are drafted – I just finished part two. Part one and four are almost finished. This leaves part three, which I’ll start quite soon, and my conclusion. I have allowed myself about 4000 words wiggle room, but that can easily be filled.

I used to think 30000 words was a lot, but it really isn’t. all the same, I’m pleased with myself.


I saw cloverfield over the weekend. I must admit to being stunned by it. For many years Hollywood, it seems to me, has been trapped into quite a formulaic way of making films. Or more accurately, it has had many – okay two – formulas. First there was the studio system. Then there was George Lucas, who screwed everything up.

Now, though, there seems to be a new kind of film-making. In cloverfield, we are supposedly viewing the hand-held camera footage of some kind of alien monster invasion, as filmed by one of the characters. Thus we have a diagetic auteur; the film is created within the film. This strikes me as the very opposite of classicism. The camera is not omnipresent; we don’t have any of the filmic grammar we are accustomed to; there is no satisfying ending. On the other hand, the film is introduced by the explanatory message, which frames the film in some sort of conventional fiction. nevertheless, this is an exciting departure from most of what has been before, and I cant wait to see where it might lead.