the venue

I have had a lot of fun today. We now have a venue for our play: an awesome grade 2 listed building called the queen’s theatre, Burslem. The number 20 runs right by it, so after breakfast today I set off towards stoke. I met the cast there, waiting outside for the guy who owns it. I had spurned a lift in favour of the bus so I could take my electric wheelchair, but ironically enough the place has so many steps the chair proved useless. However, it was a fascinating, historic building, even if it did give me the creeps slightly. I was sat up on the balcony this afternoon, thinking of all the productions that must have been staged there over its hundred year history. In a way, it reminded me of the sshining.

After rehearsal, me, Ricardio and liz decided to go for tea. None of the places we asked in knew anything about the chip and signature system, so we got the bus back to alsager and ate in the plough. I only just got home, and will soon go to bed full of enthusiasm for another week.

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