Read it at last

Today I read roadwork. It was about time; before now I was concentrating too much on my thesis to actually sit down and read it. Plus, I reasoned that it might be better for me not to read it so I might view regeneration purely as a play. But it’s the easter holls, the thesis isn’t going badly, and it’s been too long since I read any fiction. it took me all day to get through the audiobook, but the truth is I found it gripping.

The problem is, Ricardio seems to have missed a very important point out. Dawes actions can be seen largely in the context of his grief for his son – the death of a kid can fuck a guy’s head up. But Ricardio has totally cut the fact that dawes and his wife mary ever had a son out. I know that, for our purposes, the reasons behind Dawes’ actions are unimportant, and we need him to represent a kind of everyman, but I am very concerned with character, and see Charlie’s death as key to understanding Barton G dawes.

Either way, it’s a great little book, and I’m glad I actually sat down and read it. I think I was pissing Ricardio off by not doing so.

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