cleaning stuff is bad

I finally have unambiguous proof that cleaning stuff is a bad idea. Yesterday while I was out, Esther decided to clean my Expanded Keyboard. To be fair, it was filthy. However, when I got back the keyboard wasn’t working, Esther looked very sheepish and guilty. I knew it probably just needed to ‘dry out’ or the cable had come loose, so I left it for the evening.

I had dinner with Tally last night, I think she needed my company. She hasn’t taken her friends death very well and there are other complications which I better not go into. However, I invited Ricardio along to hep with eating and the three of us had a surprisingly interesting conversation about the existence of aliens. Me and Tally were of the opinion that they existed, but Ricardio * was arguing that we would have no way to detect them and therefore to all intents and purposes didn’t exist. I guess it goes back to the question of whether a tree falling in a wood makes a sound. Most interesting conversation I’ve had in ages.

Esther arrived this morning still looking sheepish, but then I got her to plug the keyboard back in and it worked. She’s in for a day of light-hearted teasing, but is more-or-less banned from cleaning anything.

* Ricardio has been reading physics books, which if you ask me is a dangerous prospect.

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