making occasional demands for beer

My big brother mark was over this weekend. he and Kat came over from Paris with my parents last Thursday, who were in France giving dads new car a proper test drive. It had been ages since I’d last seen them, and truth be told I didn’t see too much of them this time, as they had a wedding to go to on Saturday afternoon. Luke was also supposed to be home, but he had work to do, which meant he stayed in London.

As for myself, I just pottered around the house, talking to Lyn and making occasional demands for beer. It was ideal weather for a barbecue but mum, being mum, had other plans. I also voted, by post. Who I voted for is my business, but it was neither labour nor the conservatives. Personally, I’m fed up with politics in general and like many people think we need a general election, or – even better – a revolution! I have very little confidence in any member of parliament.

Other than that, and the fact I watched some tennis (go Murry!) that’s about it. It was quite a good weekend. I’m still not sure who won Britain’s got talent, but I’m hoping it was Diversity – the street dance guys – for they were awesome. My eyebrow was raised at the Scottish singer, though – does anyone else suspect she has mild Down’s /Syndrome, as my dad posited.

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