as I see it

Perhaps I better explain how I see things personally. I start with the central premise that all people are equal and are of equal worth. From this it follows that, given that we are all different, there is no such thing as ‘normal’. We do, however, have different abilities and skills. Thus I think that everyone should be treated equally, and think it unfair that some people get paid vast amounts more than others when we all contribute to society. For example, why are footballers paid so much more than teachers? Teachers are vital for education, working bloody long hours, but footballers just run around a field for 90 minutes. My views are also tainted by my disability: you don’t have to have a job to be said to contribute to society, and indeed why do you have to contribute to society to have rights? I have known people who cannot get jobs, yet have just as much right to wealth as anyone else. This leads me to a left of centre stance, with higher taxation for the rich to subsidise the poor. This leads me to believe that power must be central to regulate all this. on the other hand, it would be more democratic as everyone would have equal access to education and therefore power. We need to get rid of the gap between rich and poor in order to maximise human potential. We need to get rid of the class system and the perpetuation of wealth in the hands of the few. The contradiction, however, is this: how can we respect the rights of people to live as they whish, while at the same time imposing higher taxes upon them? It all depends on people being altruistic and putting equality before greed.

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