things are moving on

Yesterday was interesting. I went over to Crewe to meet with Alan, then to Esther’s. she invited me to a show at the lyceum called ‘That’ll be the Day’ – sort of a review of old 50s rock/pop songs. Kind of cool. I stayed the night at hers and dad picked me up this morning.

My master’s thesis is starting to move again. It should be done soon. Alan has emailed mike Pearson to be my second marker – he’s an old friend of Lyn’s at the university of Aberystwyth. I hope that counts in my favour and that he’s not too harsh a marker.

Alan seems to really think I should do a PhD. I’m still very much in two minds about it. It’s not something one undertakes lightly, and I’m not sure I’m up to it. My masters has lasted long enough as it is. Another question is what to do it on? There is plenty of room left for more research into cinephilia and fandom, but part of me wonders whether I should try to link my disability into that; it is, after all, a highly personal discourse. Another question is where – Alan says I should move on from MMU, and, as much as I love the place, I agree. But this would put the whole idea of moving to alsager on hold, unless I did it at staffs uni, stoke, and I don’t even know whether they’ll take me. I’m loathe to do that – I really want my own place as soon as possible, with my own big bed with a Lyn in it! It seems I have much to think about.

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