I still don’t know how I got to bed on Friday night.

Yesterday was a slow, lazy type of day. Friday night had been rather mad: our neighbours decided that we needed to celebrate my birthday, so we all went down the pub. By all, of course, I mean myself, Lyn, Paula, Dan, and an indeterminate number of children. You know, I can never tell how many children they have between them; it seems to vary. Anyhow we went to the pub, where everyone bought me drinks. At one stage I sat at the bar, on a bar stool, which for me was quite novel. After the pub, we came home via the shop, having decided to carry on drinking here. Needless to say, I still don’t know how I got to bed on Friday night.

Yesterday, then, was spent lying on the sofa, watching TV. All this alcohol is not good fir me, and it’s time to cut back. I know that sounds familiar, but now I’m 27 I’m getting on a bit!

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