america gets proper healthcare

There are a couple of things I could blog about today: the issue of disability hate crime was in the news this morning, with more instances of it being recorded; also, this morning I had an awesome idea to write to google to ask them if they could make a map of middle-earth – I’m still rather excited about street view. But I instead want to use this blog to congratulate Obama and the Americans on the passing off their new healthcare bill. This historic bill will improve the lives of millions – it might not be the NHS exactly, but it is still great news. I know the republicans will undo this huge step forward next time they are in power, narrow-minded halfwits that they are, but for now millions will benefit. The republicans say they can’t afford it, and they probably have a point, though I suspect they’re just using that as a front for their loathing for anything liberal, left-wing or broad-minded. Nevertheless, I think it’s still a great day for our transatlantic cousins.

It will certainly be interesting to see the reaction in the blogsphere though.

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