the irishman

We had quite an interesting evening in the pub last night. We went in about 7, sat down and were just about to order a drink when an Irish guy at the bar offered to buy it for us. We accepted his kindness – free drinks are free drinks; it is slightly patronising, but sometimes random people buy us drinks just for being us.

Pretty soon, though, thee dude came over. He explained that he was buying everyone drinks, and it wasn’t because we were disabled – he’d won at the horses. He seemed a decent chap, and we let him sit down. However, for some reason he ‘twigged’ about Lyn’s lightwriter, but not mine, so he talked to Lyn but thought I couldn’t communicate. This meant he was speaking to Lyn and john and referring to me as if I was stupid. This irritated me greatly; in fact the guy irritated all three of us. At one point I began to wonder if I could beat him in a fight (by then I’d had a couple). However, my eagerness to utter the immortal line ‘step outside’ subsided when he heard that this guy had had to flee Ireland in the seventies because of something to do with the IRA. In the end, though, the guy grew less irritating and more interesting, and the rest of the evening passed peacefully. He eventually realised I had a lightwriter too.

It is interesting to reflect on the diverse array of people I meet, almost daily. I wonder if this is because I have CP.

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