More observations about education

I just got back from school/ I’d asked one of the teachers I work with there to have a look at the blog entry I made Friday, and she had obliged. For the most part I think she agreed with me, although she pointed out one or two things I had overlooked. For example, many schools on London simple aren’t wheelchair accessible, which has a bearing on the extent to which wheelchair users can be included. Interestingly, though, she also raised a point made in my comments section by Liza that more kids with more profound disabilities are surviving to school age. Medicine has advanced hugely, which has lead to the school in question having kids with very very complex needs; far more complex than I had ever encountered before. There are other factors involved, but it is certainly the case that special schools are taking on more and more kids with more and more severe conditions; and this will have a knock-on effect on the way kids are taught at such schools.

I’m therefore finding my voluntary work at school really is opening my eyes; it is, if you’ll forgive the pun, quite an education.

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