the return of segregation in education

I am, of course, quite concerned by what Michael Gove, our new education secutary, has planned. I think Tory plans for ‘free schools’ add up to a two-tier system, where rich families, who have the time and the inclination, can set up nice new schools, creaming off the best teachers. Meanwhile, those who can’t afford it are left in schools which will get worse and worse due to the fact that recourses are being diverted away from ordinary schools. In effect, not only will we have segregation in terms of disability, but segregation in terms of class. It takes us all the way back to the mid nineteenth century, to systems which reinforced the class divide. It was wrong then, and it’s wrong today. Why should some people get a better education than others, simply because their parents are richer than others? And why should we sit back while a party which did not get half the vote imposes their backwards, elitist, intolerant views on all of us?

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