Lyn’s Ipad

Lyn got her new Ipad on Thursday, and I must admit it really is an impressive piece of technology. Although I have a natural dislike of macs, having been brought up onn real computers*, the ipad has a tendency to make my jaw drop. I find myself asking, how did they get so much technology into something so small? The graphics are amazing, yet it has an incredible touch screen. One must take your hat off o Steve jobs and his team.

For Lyn, however, the ipad is something even more important. It has a text-to-speech ‘app’, so Lyn can use it as a communication aid. Of course, she has only just started to use the thing, but she’s already quite effective. I don’t know what it’s got in terms of word prediction etc; I’ll ask her later. The cool part is, though, this means I can now use her old SL40 lightwriter, which is quite cool as it can text! We’re both very happy with things now; I actually can’t wait for Lyn to let me have a go on the ipad myself!

*A real computer is one you can customise, tinker with, actually open up and so on.

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