selfish, self-centred naïveté

I truly believe that something must be done to get our new government out of power as soon ad possible. I was thinking about it this morning: we have this big massive deficit, which we can eliminate all at once by imposing cuts so severe that everyone suffers, or we could take it steady, spreading the cuts over several years so they don’t have to be so deep. This seems like a no-brainer to me, but instead the Tories want a quick recovery, forcing us all to pay for crimes we did not commit. You have to ask yourself ‘why?’ Why are the Tories acting so illogically? To cut services now will decrease net productivity and causes another recession.

That’s why I think they’re being driven by ideology rather than sense. It seems like they would rather protect the wealth of the few over the well-being of the rest of us. By targeting those on benefits, they brand as all work-shy scroungers. Remarkably, I was talking to a fellow disabled guy last night who was trying to defend this abomination, and he was saying ‘It’s ok, we’ll be okay, they’re just targeting the scroungers’. It is that sort of selfish, self-centred naivete, coming from those on the right, which really pisses me off, and it’s why I think we have to do something to return power to people with broader minds.

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