three reasons

It has only just turned one, and I’ve already counted three lies the Tories have made, or three reasons they are unfit to rule. Firstly, do you know that osbourne is actually exaggerating the depth of our financial problems? The deficit, according to darling, is not as bad as the Tories would have us believe, but they’re scaring us all in order to push through ideologically-motivated reforms.

The second lie was made by CaMoron himself during PMQs: he claimed that the Tories are protecting the NHS whereas labour would have cut it. In fact, precisely the opposite is true. On Monday, it emerged that some Tory backbenchers were starting to think about cutting the NHS. This would, after all, be more in line with their capitalist ideology.

Thirdly, I know its not really a lie, more of a lurch towards fascism, but in Ken Clarke’s speech on prison reform this morning, he said he planned to cut some of the rights to free legal representation. His argument was that we can no longer afford it, but given this right is so important, it should be kept even in minor cases. This is surely yet another case of the Tories putting greed before our rights.

I know I’ve been banging on about politics a lot lately, but, with the Tories doing stuff like the above, can you blame me. They are liars with no right to do what they are doing.

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