Seing the globe

Seldom have I felt so happy before; only once or twice have I felt the combination of happiness, achievement and exhilaration that I do now. Today, we went to the globe; we saw The Merry Wives of Windsor’. Ideally I would like to see one of the great tragedies, but I think it served as a nice introduction to the iambic pentameter to Lyn, Andrez and Natalia. It’s a very funny play, full of vengeance and just comeuppances, performed exquisitely by an excellent cast.

I had wanted to see the globe since I first encountered Shakespeare at school. Back then, I was amazed at the sheer beauty of the language. The sense of wonder I felt then returned today as for the first time I saw that famous stage. It felt like a religious experience – like nothing I’d ever felt before: this was where some of the greatest texts ever written were performed, and some of the most mind-bogglingly beautiful sentences were spoken. I have always been fascinated by writing and language, so today was very special for me indeed. It was the first time I’d seen the inside of that building, and I honestly think what they have done ranks alongside I.M Pei’s Louve in terms of the great modern buildings of the world. Moreover, the space added something to the text, making it fresher somehow, giving it an extra dimension. The entire experience was simply incredible, and something I whish to remember for the rest of my life.

What more can I say? I go to bed a very happy fellow indeed, having rekindled a love that was starting to fade.

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