Seeing The Globe again

You know that you live in a great world city when you can just hop on a tube train and go see a Shakespeare play in a replica of the theatre where they were first performed. John  and I went to see The Merry Wives of Windsor  at the Globe last night. He’s over from Poland and suggested we go take in some Billy S, and who was I to decline? It had been a full  eight years since I last visited that magnificent theatre with Lyn Andrejz and Natalia. I just checked my blog archive, though, and coincidentally we saw the same play on the same day of the year. Last night, however, we were among the groundlings at the front  rather than up on the balcony, so it was a completely different  experience: much more visceral and intimate.  It was a much more physical performance last night, with a lot of  singing, dancing and choreography. The Globe is unlike any other theatre  I know, and I came home thinking I had visited one of London’s treasures. Mind you, I better point out that I was rather jammy because I could sit in my powerchair on a metal platform by the stage, while John and those around me had to stand  for  the whole show. Being me often has it’s advantages…

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