another fiasco

I am starting to feel jinxed. Yesterday evening Lyn needed to get to an arts centre on tghe other side of london. We set off about four thirty, hoping to catch a boat up the river to westminster, then the tube. It started well enough – the boat was full, but not crowded, and although we were sightly late at westminster, we were okay. Howeever, despite Westminster station being marked as accessable, when our train turned up I couldn’t get on. I was in Defiant, and the step was too high.

Part of why lyn is so wonderful is that she lets me do all kinds of stuff but hardly ever puts herself first. Last nnight was an occasion when we were doing something lyn wanted to do. So for me to prevent us from getting there because of my damn wheelcchair felt aweful. Okay, so I wasn’t to know, but I should have gone in my manual chair so we could cope with such contingencies.

In the ennd we had a good meal on the south bank, then came home. I still feel horrid about last night. Guilty and sad that my girlfriend couldn’t do what she wanted because of me. Most of all, though, I feel pissed off at the tube service for marking a station acessable when it wasn’t.

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