I hate prams on busses

I am f#st developing an intense dislikke for busses. Lyn and I can’t drive, and allthough a few of our PAs can it makes sense to use public transport instead of busses. However, as you can probably tell from the llast two or three blog entries I made, I’ve been having a lot of fun with public transport recently. Yesterday was no exceeption, but the problem this time was prams.

We were going to Greenwich just to do some shopping, so we went to the bus stop. As usual, I got on the first bus and Lyn and Marta got on the one after. My trip was uneventful, but at the other end I waited and waited. Eventually I got a text saying they were having trouble getting on the bus: either the ramp didn’t work or there was a pram in the wheelchair space.

Almost exactly the same thing happened on the way back, except I decided to roll home under my own steam. I really do hate when mums put prams in wheelchair spaces, and then ignore the sign asking them to fold it if the space is needed by a wheelchair user. Poor Lyn must have waited about 45 minutes at the bus stop. In fact I would go as far as banning prams from using that space, or ban them from busses. It really is unfair when you’re cold, wet and hungry and you can’t get home just because some mum refuses to pick up their child and fold the pram.

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