a cool few days

All in all it has been quite an amazing few days. As I said, on Thursday we had the surprise of our lives; to suddenly hear a camera crew and quite a famous and prolific reporter were coming was quite a shock. Then on Friday we had all the excitement and anticipation of seeing ourselves on the news, and then the subsequent mild disappointment of our piece not being shown. It turns out that the reporters were still working on it, and it’ll probably be shown at a later date. On Saturday, of course, there was all the sound and fury of the protests in central London. It isn’t every day that you get to march alongside about a quarter of a million people. Yesterday was somewhat tamer, in comparison, although we got to go to quite a cool music night in a small restaurant we know around the corner. It was intimate and friendly, and I now know where I can get a decent martini.

It is now, however, Monday morning, and we have the real world to contend with again. Life in London does, though, seem to throw up these odd stints of excitement – maybe there’s something in the water. I wonder what this lunatic of a city will throw up next.

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