stop the so- called ”rally against debt’

I fully intend to respond to Ricardio’s request for an explanation of my use of the word cripple, and I have been thinking about it all day. It’s an interesting debate he raises, and one which deserves a fairly long entry. However, I hope my good friend will understand when I say it’ll have to wait for another day, as today I have something even more controversial on my mind.

I find myself, tonight, questioning a person’s right to protest. Even typing those words feels faintly ridiculous: everyone has an inalienable right to express their point of view, whatever it is. But earlier I came across something which boiled my blood: something proclaiming itself a ”rally against debt” – a counter-protest to the recent anti-cuts march in London. It was on facebook so I told them exactly what I thought of them. Frankly I told them I felt that I thought they had no right to hold any such protest.

They do, of course, but I have a right to raise my objections to it. If this thing goes ahead, it strikes me as a childish act, deliberately inflammatory to those concerned about the cuts. It’s almost hateful in the way it presents itself. I guess I’m opening up myself up to accusations of holding my right to protest up while denying other people theirs, and the irony of my use of the word ‘fascist’ is not lost on me, but if you saw someone intending to protest against your way of life, your livelihood, would you knot object? We all realise what these cuts will do; I’m very concerned indeed about the impact they will have on me and Lyn, and all disabled people. So I think my objection to this puerile act is justifiable; I see it as a march against the wealth fare state, the NHS, and pretty much all I hold dear, just as Osbourne’s cuts are manifestly an attack on those things. Thus I have a right to try to stop this insipid rally from happening.

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