crips should work for less? BUGGER OFF!

I suppose I should say something about the recent comments of Tory MP Phillip Davies that people with disabilities should be made to work for mellow the minimum wage. To be honest, I’m not surprised to hear such things coming from a Tory, as they seem to regard us as second class citizens. It’s hard enough for most of us to get work – we have to work far harder than most to do so, and if we do ever find jobs we lose our benefits so we’re then pretty much screwed if the job falls through. I suppose Davies’ point would be that paying us less would give employers an incentive to take us on, and I must admit that has a certain logic to it, but the messages that would send out in terms of disability rights and equality would be cataclysmic. What we need is good, well-funded access to work schemes, where people with disabilities have the support they need to be able to show their skills, but I really can’t see that happening any time soon. what we do not need is some damn Tory MP going around saying we can be paid a pittance and should be grateful for it.

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