tom’s stag bash

This morning I woke up and echoed a line once spoken by Frodo Baggins: ”Where am I, and what is the time?” for the first time in a year and a half, I could not roll over and hug Lyn, which made me rather sad. Yesterday was, however, a very cool day: my cousin Christina is marrying tom, whose stag do was yesterday. I’d seen he had posted an invitation on facebook to quite a few people, including myself and my brother Luke, and, thinking I’d only have a coupler of drinks with him then come home, I decided to go along.

A couple of drinks, however, turned into several very nice bottles of wine by the river, which then became my first visit to the dog racing, accompanied by several beers, which then became a visit to Tom’s friends place for a pizza. I rarely turn down a good party, and taking my leave of thee group halfway through would have been rude. By the time it was winding down, however, we were in Wimbledon, and a taxi fare across London at that time of night would have cost a bomb. That’s how, for the first time since I moved to London, I woke up without Lyn beside me, and it felt wrong.

I was also worried that Lyn didn’t know where I was. I vaguely remembered asking one of the guys with us to phone Paula to tell her to tell Lyn where I was, but I wasn’t sure. Thus, once I was awake, even though it was 7am and I’d only had hour hours’ sleep, I couldn’t drift back off. I also felt guilty for imposing myself on tom; I’d gone without a PA, expecting only a short trip, but that had turned into a full-blown overnight stay, so I vaguely remember tom trying to get my very drunk self into borrowed pyjamas at three this morning.

Apart from that, however, it had been an amazing night. I met a few of Tom’s friends, who, to a man, are a most excellent group. Having a flutter on the dogs was great fun, although we didn’t win much. Tom accompanied me home on the tube this lunchtime, and my parents were rather surprised to see him appear with me on Skype, much to our amusement. Right now, though, I’m knackered and probably in need of a bath. What a weekend!

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