On the horror in oslo

Tonight I feel compelled to write something about the atrocity in Norway, but I don’t think I can. Like most people, I suspect, I can not understand what could bring a man to decide to cause so much suffering and grief. Most of all, I am struck with revulsion at his far-right, extremist politics; I see myself as a liberal who values multiculturalism and equality, and the idea that this man attacked such noble aims so violently fills me with fear. Most of all, though, I am horrified by the idea that this man had links with the English defence League: the leader of that organisation just appeared on Newsnight trying to distance himself from these attacks, but I remain unconvinced. It seems to me that they, as well as the BNP, share a type of xenophobia, directed especially at Islam, which, when placed in the mind of someone far enough unhinged, will always lead to atrocities like we saw in Oslo. I am horrified that anyone among their ranks could remotely justify such actions, as I saw earlier today, by suggesting that ” The fire should be turned on the liberals who allowed uncontrolled immigration to cause so much anxiety and hatred, and who even now refuse to deal with it”, the inference being that it is the liberals, whose ideals of tolerance and freedom of movement regardless of identity who are to blame for this massacre for causing such ‘anxiety’ in this madman.

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