Never judge a Bond by its trailer?

I finally got round to watching the trailer for Skyfall today. How it has eluded me before now I’m not sure, but it did. Now that I have watched it, though, I’m not sure what to make of it: it didn’t quite send me into the fits of squeals such things usually do. Bond’t quite seem bond in it: he seems a different character, somehow, from the last two films. That could, of course, just mean they’re taking Bond in a new direction again, which I suppose must be seen as a good thing given that originality must always be welcomed. It could also mean, I suppose, that I’m becoming more critical and discerning, but we’ll have to see about that one. Mind you, I was interested by the fact that. in one of the trailers I saw, someone had rather clumsily tagged on an ad for the video game too, This irritated me, to be honest: films and games are different cultural artifacts, and should be treated as separate cultural entities, yet they have somehow been conflated in popular culture; they form the same audiovisual nexus – the same Lacanian Symbolic, in a way – so that one medium is seen to blur into another and anther, turning texts into commodities perfect for depriving people of their cash. That has been noted before, but what irritates me is that the ‘gamers’ have reached the point where, to them,film and game are the same thing: they enter into the dupe. All I am saying though, is that I want a film to be a film again, an artistic text, and not a video game, happy meal, or whatever. At the same time, it is interesting to observe how such art forms are evolving and merging, especially online.

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