thoughts on the scouring of the shire

Staying with my filmic/artistic mood, today I think I’ll direct you here. I’m currently reading a book on the Lord of the Rings films called From Hobbits to

Hollywood: basically a collection of essays about the film. Thusfar I must say I’m enjoying it, although some of the collection are better than others. This essay is on a similar theme, and although shorter and not quite as academic, it is no less interesting. It is an argument that the Scouring of the Shire should not have been dropped from Jackson’s films; I had never thought about it, but, now that I have, I must admit I’m quite convinced. the scouring is an important lesson in the books, showing that nowhere is safe, not even the idyllic Shire. It also shows, as the writer points out, the character progression of Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin. In the other hand, the films are often criticized for having too many endings already, so I can see why Jackson left it out.

You know, its funny. As a teenager I was obsessed with tolkien; growing up it was often all I could think of. But then, one day, I grew out of it and moved on to other texts; even my love for books morphed into my love for film. Sitting on the sofa yesterday, reading, it suddenly occured to me that thins had come back to Tolkien somehow, that my old obsession had somehow merged with my current academic pursuits. There is something rather ironic in that, and I can’t decide whether t’s a good or bad thing.

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