the third glorious Saturday in a row

Oe thing that makes a meal great, allowing you to compile a list like this, are the days that go with them, and today must be recorded as just such a wonderful day. Although I am afraid to say we lost the cricket today – and by we, I should say I mean Blackheath, who currently play in charlton park – I was there for the full match, apart from a short trip home to get my straw and take a pee. It was glorious out there again today; I had the pleasure of sitting out there in the sun for the entire afternoon. I have seldom had a more wonderful afternoon, despite the team I was supporting – and now think I’ll take as ‘my team’ – losing. Sitting there, out in the park, sipping beer and watching a run chase, I was at a loss to think of anything finer or more perfect; the only thing missing was lyn at my side, but she finds cricket dull. Oh well, you can’t have everything, although it means I have something even more wondrous to return home to.

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