watching ‘The Trouble with tribbles’ for the first and second time

This may be an od thing to blog about, but I just watched the old Star Trek episode ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’, repeated on CBS. I had never seen it before…yet I had. I knew that episode well, but only due to the Deep space Nine Episode which revised the original. I loved watching it, and spotting the gaps into which the ds9 characters were inserted. Yet it struck me as rather odd: we have a piece of tv, made about forty years ago, which was retured to in a late television series, and I, as someone born after the original was made, only know it trough it’s later modernisation. When you think about it there are some quite complex structures at work, all symptomatic of a form of modernity where thing are endlessly revised and remade. I mean, I love the ds9 remake, so it strikes me as ironic to realise that I had never seen the original until this evening, especially given that I call myself a Star trek fan. You should have seen my reaction when I heard it was coming on – Lyn was quite bemused.

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