Toward a united humanity

As you might have gleaned from my entry yesterday, I am something of a trekkie – I always have been (although I am still in two minds about the recent ‘reboot’). One of the things I love the most about Star Trek is it’s optimistic vision of the future: the star trek universe is one where humanity has come together to solve it’s problems; a place where the nation-states of earth have been abolished and we work as one unified people. This may sound naive, but I believe such a unified humanity possible, desirable and indeed vital.

I think I blogged about this revently, but I’ll say it again. It is true that no two people on earth are alike; we are all different. But at the same time we are all the same: we all have similar needs, desires and dreams. If you think about it, is the question ‘why do we cling to these arbitrary national boarders so vehemently?’ such a stupid one? What is stopping us coming together as a species to work towards a united peaceful future? That is why I see organisations like the European union as so important: The e.u arose from the wreckage of the second world war, when someone finally had the intelligence to see the bigger picture. In order to avoid repeating that horror, organisations that cross national boundaries must be established. I see the e.u as a step towards that future of a united humanity.

I’m not against a referendum on our membership of it per se, then, but fear that those who wish us to leave it do not see in terms of this big picture. For to want to leave the eu is a step backwards, away from that ideal. Those who advocate it surely see things only in terms of nation-states, an ‘us and them’ philosophy which, in the long-run, gets us nowhere. To see things only in terms of yourself, your family and your nation is forever to take a limited viewpoint. Moreover, if we take into account the facts of climate change and diminishing world resources, it is also a foolish viewpoint. Such problems effect us all, so we cannot afford to see tings in such limited, individualistic terms.

The time has come, then, to get hard on such people: they advocate a step backwards. We need, as a species, to grow up, to put aside essentially arbitrary national barriers. We need to talk to one another, trade more, exchange ideas; and we need to solve our problems, financial or ecological, together. That will certainly not happen if we leave the european union.

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