UKIP must be nipped in the bud

Once again I have just had the misfortune of watching Nigel Farage speak, and once again I felt the urge to come to the computer to denounce the imbecile. This man represents the biggest threat to peace and stability we face – he is part of the second rise of fascism across Europe. What I find so insulting is his claim to be proEuropean inasmuch as he wants Europe to return to a diverse divided collection of nation-states. Surely he doesn’t think we’re all stupid enough to fall for that. The european union isn’t about the merging of cultures: it is an effort we never again see a return to the status quo of Europe in the thirties. But then, I suppose Farage would love to see a return to an era when people thought in such limited terms, when xenophobia was the norm, and the welfare state didn’t exist. He is essentially a fascist railing against immigration and windfarms. The irony is, he thinks himself to be some kind of anti-fascist standing up to a european monster, defending the interests of ordinary people. What bull: the only interests Farage defends are his own and the capitalist bigots who follow him.

Given that the economy relies on immigration, and that windfarms are an absolutely necessary part of the fight against global warming, isn’t it time that people saw Farage for what he is? he is a madman,, a throwback to an era long past; he an his deluded followers have nothing to contribute to the political discourse but hatred and stupidity. They would have us all seeing the wold in such petty one-dimensional terms. Surely it is time to nip this folly in the bud – time to dispand UKIP before Farage does any real damage. We cannot allow this dissembling xenophobe to carry on peddling his folly a wisdom.

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