Lost voice girl

I don’t think I’d be much of a disabled blogger if I didn’t send you here, where you can watch a charity gig by Lost Voice Girl. As you may know, Lost voice Guy is a VOCA-using stand-up comedian currently rising through the ranks. Here, we see a performance from his alter-ego, Lost Voice Girl, apparently done in aid of comic relief (although I daresay that dress and wig do suit him).

I think I am a fan. It is all too easy to dismiss such performers as mere gimmicks, getting laughs through pity. Yet Lost Voice Guy has a definite talent – he wittily exploits his communication aid for comic value, playing with things like pronunciation and perception. He makes fun of it, gently illustrating both the advantages and disadvantages of being a VOCA user. I think that is precisely what we in the voca-using community need: he functions as a type of ambassador for ‘us’, humanising voca use, showing voca-users to be jut the normal people they are while allowing people to laugh at the funny side of things. A voca-using comedian really is a great step forward; it needed to be done, and Lost Voice guy does it so well. I hope we meet one day, and maybe collaborate.

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