Danny Boyle – Demigod

I watch the news bulletins with increasing concern, aware that, by the time I come to write tomorrow’s entry, the first shots of a dangerous war could have been fired. I feel I shuld be writing about Korea. That was my initial plan for today’s entry, but I just stumbled onto something much more positive. Here you will find a very interesting interview between Mark Kermode and Sir Danny Boyle (he may ave turned down the knighthood, but I choose to award him the respect he is owed). I must admit I did not know much about boyle, and still don’t really: I was too young to see Trainspotting when it first came out, and still haven’t, believe it or not; I think I’ve seen Shallow Grave once. On the other hand, I thought Slumdog Millionaire a masterpiece.

After watching this interview, then, I think I better go back and watch a few of his older works: the man is quite clearly a genius – one of the greatest directors working today. He is also responsible for what must be the greatest television spectacle this country has ever seen -the Olympic Games Opening ceremony. I’m sorry, but I still think that ceremony, and this sequence in particular, was a work of utter genius. I just think Boyle was so brave to do something so brave, so left-of-field, so surprising and yet so utterly british. Thinking about that ceremony still makes me feel proud to be british and a Londoner. Yet it also makes me feel creative: part of me says that if boyle can produce such remarkable things so can I. Interviews like this make me want to create, to write my own scripts and make my own films. On that front, I’m happy to report that I do have an idea or two I’m working on, but I still have yet to put pen to paper, as they need fleshing out. In the meantime, I now want to engage properly with Boyle’s work: he struck me as a director highly in tune with film as both an artform and mass entertainment. I’m just in awe of him – I wonder what else I can learn from the man responsible for making he entire nation gasp, the demi-god who had the queen parachute out of a helicopter with James Bond.

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