Guess who’s coming to film in Charlton

I still can barely believe this is actually happening – god himself, it would seem, is coming to Charlton Village. I was out in the park yesterday, enjoying my usual cuppa, when I noticed something going on up at the House. I asked my fellow coffee-drinkers what was happening, and was told a film crew was setting up to film there. Of course, this got me automatically interested, so I whizzed up the path to investigate.

At the front of Charlton House, I found men taking film equipment from vans into the house. It looked like high-spec, fairly professional stuff, so this clearly wasn’t an amateur production. I asked one of the guys about it: he didn’t know so I asked another, and was told it was for a period piece about Getty Images.

And then the amazing part came. Wanting to sound as if I actually knew something about film, I asked who was directing. I expected to hear a name I had never heard before. But I had. We all have. It was none other than one of my favourite directors, and a personal hero of mine, Danny Boyle. When I heard that name, my jaw hit the floor! Boyle, the very guy who directed Happy and Glorious, a piece of film I find so remarkable, so awesome that it still has me spasming with glee; Boyle, director of Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting; Boyle, one of the greatest living directors, is coming to Charlton village.

He’ll just be here a few days. Apparently he’s filming Trust, an American television series about John Paul Getty, and will shoot on Friday (tomorrow). Of course, the chances of me actually meeting the great man are minimal – he’ll probably be very busy indeed, and the last thing he’ll want will be the likes of me trying to chat to him. Nonetheless, this is very exciting news indeed, and I’ll no doubt be over there tomorrow trying to watch.

I can’t believe how these things turn out sometimes. How did this happen – what are the chances? One of my heroes, making a film on my doorstep. It’s just incredible.

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