new forms of expression

I’m currently on an ongoing quest for something new to get into and explore. Since starting to make films with Matt Ball, I’ve begun to look at everything in a slightly different way, wondering how I could use it in a film. Of course, I’ve done that for ages anyway, looking for material to write about on my blog; yet now I’ve started to think more in terms of film. That’s how I came to be pondering finger spinners a couple of weeks ago: after seeing them on sale in Woolwich market, I began to wonder if a film could be made about them. I’m interested in the new and previously unexplored; new art forms and sports; things not yet seen as mainstream. How might such things then be explored? Could such new art forms be documented and analysed as one would analyse more traditional art forms?

It seems to me that that is the way things are flowing: people are increasingly trying to get away from mainstream forms of culture and types of expression and into new ways to communicate. Look at the rise of youtube, for one, where everyone can upload short films about whatever they like. Means of expression are growing and changing, and I think this has lead to a plethora of new art forms being created. Culture seems to be evolving very quickly indeed. This fascinates me, and I now want to go and explore a few of these new forms of expression. What new things can I find, out there on the streets? And, just as interestingly, what can I then say about them?

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