How I met Danny Boyle

Something incredible just happened. As I said yesterday, I was very excited to see a film crew at charlton house, and the chance to meet Danny Boyle meant I set off round there bright and early this morning. Of course, I knew that actually meeting the guy, let alone getting to have any kind of conversation with him, was rather unlikely; but at least I could watch a professional film crew at work. I could sit in the sun outside charlton house (you couldn’t go in there as film equipment was everywhere) and watch events unfold.

I sat there for most of the afternoon, in between runs to the cafe to report back to the guys there. Matt turned up, chatted a while, then left. I knew I’d need to be patient so I stayed there, until eventually out the great man came. Earlier in the day I’d got talking to one of the assistant directors (I think) and had explained why I was so keen to meet Mr. Boyle. We had exchanged emails (hurrah for networking!) and he had seemed quite impressed. Just when I was beginning to contemplate heading home, he came back out to meet me, bringing with him one of the greatest living directors.

As with when I met Sir Patrick Stewart, I was awe-struck: Once again fate and good luck had conspired to allow me to meet one of my heroes. I wanted to say so much; I tried to explain why the olympic opening ceremony meant so much to me, showing him this blog entry on my Ipad, but he obviously needed to get back to work. Nonetheless, I feel we had a fairly decent conversation, at the end of which I shook his hand, someone took our photo, and I was left to drive back home, once again wondering how I can be so lucky.

danny boyle

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