Finally Watching Trust

It worries me how oblivious I can be sometimes. You may remember how, four years ago, I was thrilled to discover the great Danny Boyle filming at Charlton House. He was working on a series called Trust, about the Getty family and empire. Thinking about it this morning, I tapped it into google, and was happy to find that Trust is now available to watch on Disney+, which I’ve had a subscription to for a year. Of course I immediately started watching it and I’m finding it fascinating. I’m just gutted I didn’t realise where I could watch it months ago.

I know I give Disney a bit of a bad press sometimes, but I must admit they are currently producing some really good stuff. I’ve watched some really great films and TV programs on their streaming service this last year. Indeed, between Disney, Netflix and good oldd BBC Iplayer, I’ve really been spoiled for choice.

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