A Patient Christmas

A few years ago, when we were still living together, I remember Lyn saying to me one Christmas that she was glad I was with her as she had spent so many of her previous Christmases alone. I found that very moving: Lyn always was a very solitary person – I suppose she had had to be – and for most of her life had just had her personal assistants as company. Her Christmases had therefore been quite glum affairs, so she was grateful for my company, at least for a while.

My parents called me earlier. Until this morning, the plan had been that I would go and spend Christmas day and boxing day with them at the old family base in Harlesden. Yet for various reasons, that plan has had to be postponed. Not least, the COVID situation is becoming worrying again. Thus it looks like I’ll be spending Christmas here with Serkan. Yet while I was looking forward to seeing mum and dad, getting plenty of parental cuddles and eating lots of Mum’s Christmas pudding, I know I need to remember that this is something we’re all going through: it might be hard, it might be lonely, but I’m far from the only one experiencing this. I also know that Lyn and many more people like her go through far, far worse, particularly at this time of year. That’s why, when my parents told me the bad news this morning, I thought of Lyn and what she had once told me.

Things might be rough at the moment; the pandemic seems to be going on without end in sight. But end it will; we just need to be patient. I take strength from Lyn, and other people I know like her – people with the will to get through anything. If they had the strength to overcome so much, surely I can get through a christmas alone – surely we all can. And when this is all over and we get the all clear, I know there will be plenty of mum’s christmas pudding waiting.

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