Does Bond Need a Change Of Tone?

Just to pick up on my James Bond-related musings from a day or two ago, it seems to me that now might be a good time for a change of tone in the franchise. Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan before him played Bond very seriously; they both made colossal impacts on the franchise. Their films were action driven and largely humourless. I don’t envy any actor the task of following them, especially given the legacy of Craig and the mark he has made on the character, so now that EON are looking for someone new to wear the famous tuxedo, might a tonal reset be in order? After all, it has been done before: knowing he couldn’t compete with Sean Connery, Roger Moore camped up Bond and played the character for laughs. His Bond films are more comedy spoofs than serious action thrillers. Is now the time for a similar change in tone for the Bond series? After all, that might be the only way to follow Craig, and I’m quite sure we could all do with something lighter right now.

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