Don’t Mess With Bond

I have recently come across one or two online speculations about the possibility of turning the Bond franchise into a television program or Marvel-style universe. Apparently in today’s Sun – not that I’d ever read that rag – there’s a story about a ‘war’ between Amazon and EON over it. I was thinking about launching into one of my longer, arty entries explaining why that’s such a stupid idea and why the James Bond films should remain films, touching upon things like the specificity of the cinematic experience when it comes to films like these; but I don’t think that is ultimately necessary. You don’t need a Master’s in Film Studies to know that changing a cultural cornerstone as beloved as Bond would be ridiculous. While I’m usually all for taking things in interesting new directions, we have all grown up going to see a new 007 film every few years; to mess with that formula now would strip it of all cultural and artistic integrity. It would be a repeat of what happened to Star Wars, in my opinion, once Disney started churning out ever more derivative spin-offs. I’m thus very glad to see that Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson are putting a lid on the stupid idea. Bond Films should remain just that: cinematically-released films about British special agent James Bond.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Bond

  1. I think I agree with you, buts it worth noting that Star Wars the Mandalorian has been the best thing out of the Star Wars franchise since ROTJ and this is a TV show. It is clearly Star Wars (characters we know in settings we are familiar with etc), but clearly owes as much to Westerns as it does Star Wars.

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    1. Franchises can obviously successfully transfer between TV and Film. Look at Star Trek, for instance: It was originally a TV program, but hass now spawned twelve successful films. I have no issue with franchises converting formats. Bond, though, just seems too unique and special a phenomenon to start playing around with.


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