Coming Across Another Film Shoot

Up until around a couple of hours ago it had been shaping up to be a pretty lame day: I didn’t sleep at all well last night, and it had been grey and drizzly all day. At about three I thought I’d try to cheer myself up by going on one of my usual, shorter trundles. I set off for nearby Kidbrooke first to see how the construction work there is coming along, then up Middle Park Avenue, intending to pass Eltham Palace en route to Tesco before returning home. As I was rolling up to the Palace, though, I began to notice something was happening there: it was lit up with powerful light, and there were lots of people outside the main gate. As I got closer, I came across two pristine vintage cars from the nineteen twenties.

This was certainly worth interrupting my trundle for. Turning back, I rolled up to one of the people and asked him what was going on, and what do you Know? I’d stumbled upon another film shoot.

This got me instantly excited. After all, the last time this happened, I got to meet Danny Boyle. I couldn’t see much of the film equipment as it was through the gate near the palace, but the road outside the palace grounds was obviously being used as a back drop. Old, expensive-looking cars were parked on either side of the road and fake fog was being sprayed into the air as it grew darker. It looked wonderfully evocative. I got talking to the lady spraying the fog, and she told me they were shooting a film called Wonka, obviously a remake of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. I was also told the name of the director, but I didn’t recognise it this time. Apparently, though, Matt Lucas is in it.

I stayed for a while, watching them do a take before continuing to Tesco. However, they’ll be shooting there tomorrow, I was told, so that’s where I’ll be heading after breakfast. This is why I adore London: you never know when you’ll bump into a film crew next.

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