Meeting danny boyle again

I did it again last night. The film crew were back to continue their shoot in Charlton House yesterday, so I went over to have another look. I was told that they would be wrapping at half seven, so, if I wanted, I could come over then to see the set. That, then, is what I did, only of course they overran: half seven eventually turned into half past ten, but that was cool because I got to sit outside and chat with some of the crew. They were fascinating to watch and talk to; they kept offering me slices of pizza, but fortunately I had had my dinner before I came out.

When eventually the shoot ended, and everyone was coming out of the front of charlton house, I managed to speak briefly again with Danny Boyle. Of course, he remembered me from Friday; he told me he enjoyed reading my blog and would continue to do so. When I heard him say that, I almost wept with pleasure and pride. I also gave him copies of my MA thesis and essay on Happy and Glorious, and he said he would email me.

Mr. Boyle then headed off, and I instantly had an attack of the squeals – I was thrilled beyond words at what had just happened. I started to head home, squealing with joy, when Joel, the locations guy with whom I had been talking, called me back: did I still want to go up and see the set? I did, of course, and he took me up in the lift to see it.

Rather ironically, they had been using the very room the film festival team use when we have meetings there, but now it was made up to look like a posh bedroom. Fancy panelling was on the walls, and there was a four-poster bed. They had apparently been filming some kind of bedroom scene. I didn’t stay long, but even with most of the equipment already taken out, it was fascinating.

Today, Boyle and his crew are moving on to film somewhere else, and Charlton will be back to normal. I was told that they might be back in the autumn. I hope so. For now, though, if you ever watch an American drama called Trust, and you see a bedroom scene set in an ornate, posh-looking room, now you know where it was filmed.

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