Meeting Danny Boyle a third time

I needed a new chord for my glasses yesterday as my old one was breaking. My route to the opticians goes past the front of Charlton House, and on my way there I noticed four of five white lorries parked outside the seventeenth century building. I knew instantly what that meant: Danny Boyle and his film crew were back. I smiled, bought my chord and made straight for Charlton House.

The crew recognised me from last time. They were busy, of course, and couldn’t stop to talk much. They were only there for the day, just to get a bit of extra footage. I just sat there and watched, at one point going to meet Matt B at the cafe and then coming back. Cooly, at one point they did a bit of filming outside, right in front of me. It wasn’t anything elaborate or complex, just a shot of a hand writing on a page, but I got to watch them set it all up, light it and film it. To me, it was fascinating.

I waited there a while, and it was late when I started to wonder whether I should cut my losses and go home, when Mr. Boyle finally came out of the building. He remembered me from last time. At our second meeting, I had given him copies of my Masters thesis and essay on Happy and Glorious. He said they were still on his desk unread, but promised to email me when hehad got round to them. We chatted for a bit, and I suggested he made a film opposing Brexit, but he said he didn’t know whether he was the right man for that. We parted ways shortly after, as we both needed to get going. Just a five minute chat, but worth the wait. I went home musing to myself about how much I love London; where but in the greatest city on earth can you find one of the worlds great directors working just around the corner?

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