How I met Sir Patrick Stewart

Life just keeps getting better and better, cooler and cooler: Lyn playing at the paralympic closing ceremony; going to see The cat Empire; watching Monty Python live. All these events are truly, truly awesome, but yesterday I think capped it all. To be honest I was about to suggest we head home, as we had ‘done’ the convention, spoke to the Klingons, seen the stalls. Lyn and paul were, at that point, outside the main convention hall drinking coffee playing with their Ipads, and I was flitting between them and the exhibition. It was getting late, so I thought I would head back in one last time to try to get just a glimpse of Sir Patrick Stewart. There was an autograph area along one side of the hall, where the cast members sat. Earlier in the day I had spoken to Tim Russ there, who had kindly autographed a photo of himself for me. But, having written and thought so much about him for seven years, I really wanted to meet sir Patrick.

He had been away from the area throughout the day, apparently giving talks. Yet that last time he was there. I told the staff that I wanted to meet him and why, showing them my thesis on my Ipad. That obviously impressed them, as after a few consultations with those in authority, I was escorted to the desk, skipping the queue; and there I met Sir Patrick Stewart.

My hands were shaking as I typed into my speech app, but I explained as quickly as I could who I was, about my masters and so on. I wanted to say so much but knew time was a constraint – there was a long queue behind me. I explained the basics to him, and about my relationship with the Ahab scene. He seemed to understand. I wished I’d brought a copy of my thesis with me for him to sign, or perhaps even keep, but I had thought actually meeting Sir Patrick would be so unlikely that it was not worth it.I also wished Lyn and Paul had been there to witness it, but alas. Yet it was a vey special moment for me, having grown up watching hip play Picard on tv, and then writing quite extensively about him for my masters. I wish, too, that I could have a photo or video of it, but both were prohibited. But at least I have the memory of our conversation, of our handshake, of Sir Patrick congratulating me for getting my masters; it is one I will cherish forever.

4 thoughts on “How I met Sir Patrick Stewart

  1. Original comment from dad, posted at 05/10/2014 at 13:06

    Mum’s bawling like a three month old at the moment! How lovely for you, and how good and kind of everyone, including Sir Patrick, to let you spend those moments with him. Having read your Masters Thesis so many times, and all those hours discussing it with you, we know how much that meant. Well done!!!


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