Not Everyone Knows Who Patrick Stewart is.

I went over to the Excel Centre and the docklands for a look around today. (I know, I know, but when you get around in a powerchair and don’t need to be in payed employment, you can do these sort of things) I was curious to see how easy it is to get from the Emirates air line and thus the o2 to the new Elizabeth Line station. Getting over the river is easy enough, and there I took a nice trundle along the dockside. It’s strange to think that, not that long ago, that area was a hive of industry and activity, with huge ships lining the dockside and men in their thousands hurrying around to load and unload them. It is now quiet, the water still apart from a new canoes and sailing boats.

Anyway, once there I thought I would pop into the Excel, just to check out what was going on, if anything. It had been quite some time since I had last been there – since well before the pandemic. As it happened the place was rather busy, with some kind of medical conference in action. I rolled into the building a bit further, along it’s wide central boulevard.

Pretty soon, though, I was approached by one of the security staff, who asked me where I was going. I replied to her that I was just on a walk, with no particular destination, at which point I was told that I wasn’t supposed to be in there today and better leave.

Of course I started to leave immediately – I had had no idea those were the rules. Before going, though, I mentioned to the security person, who was rather friendly, that I had once met Patrick Stewart there. To my surprise, in reply she asked me if Patrick Stewart was a friend of mine – she had absolutely no idea who he was – but before I could explain, I thought I ought to get going. I was, however, stunned: imagine not knowing who the great Sir Patrick Stewart, captain of the USS Enterprise D, is. It was so remarkable that I immediately decided it was worthy of a blog entry.

The rest of my afternoon was spent finding my way to Custom house Station, then getting the Elisabeth Line home. It was, in the end, quite easy, and I have now found a new, rather cool route to get on to Crossrail. Nonetheless, I’m still rather perplexed to find that not everyone knows who Patrick Stewart is.

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