A Crass, Sickening Spectacle

I’ve had a busy day. I was out and about for most of it, which means I wasn’t at home to watch Prime Minister’s Questions. That’s probably a very good thing, to be honest. These days, even the shortest clip of PMQs is enough to fill me with rage. The way Johnson and his Tory mates deflect every question, blatantly refusing to give anyone a straight answer and instead trying to turn everything around, is just sickening. PMQs is supposed to be one of the cornerstones of our democracy, where, every Wednesday afternoon, parliament holds the Prime Minister directly to account by asking him to justify his actions and policies. Yet now, we have a pathetic pantomime where the charlatan we have for our prime minister pompously deflects anything put to him, answering every question with an accusation solely intended to appeal to his supporters, and completely refusing to take responsibility for any of the enormous problems he and his party have caused. It really is a crass, sickening spectacle which ultimately achieves nothing, and I’d rather just go for a walk.

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